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Thread: German Imperial Sawtooth Short Sword???

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    German Imperial Sawtooth Short Sword???


    What are your thoughts on this Short Sword?
    German or ?
    No markings anywhere that I can see.
    It has a sawtooth edge, Very small teeth.
    Thank you very much
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    Tony: I think this is not a German Military item. It might be the penchant for selling obsolete designs to non-military or foreign users.. My guess is that this is a Feuerwehr item, ie: Firefighters, and it could be in Germany, but lack of markings makes it hard to say. Often, when military items were sold off by the German Military, the buyers would remove all markings before resale to other users.

    One more item, the more modern metal scabbard is also a clue to resale after the original era of military use, the scabbard is not German Military style, more like South America or Belgium.

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    Hi Dale
    How are you
    Thank you so much for the help and information.
    Never thought of the Fire fighters.
    Thank you

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    The frog is made in the Spanish style but it may not be original to the short sword of course. Spanish frogs of this style typically had a triangular hole for the frog stud but I can't tell the shape of yours due to wear. Bavarians also used frogs with pointed front pockets but their belt loop sides were typically straight.

    I do agree with Dale that this is not a German item of issue.

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    German Imperial Dagger

    Hello Tony,

    I went through my copy of an Eickhorn 1908 Catalogue reprint, which respect to your dagger. The handle and crossguard appear to be from a Wurttemberg Artillery Dress Dagger. The blade however, is from a more generic fire department blade.

    The Catalogue identifies the Wurttemberg piece as a private purchase, dress dagger for the foot soldiers of the Field Artillery. This pattern is unique to Wurttemberg but it was offered fully engraved, with no saw teeth as the official offering. I suspect that your piece is a marriage at sometime of two different patterns but it would be anyone's guess as to who purchased it and for what purpose.

    I've annexed several photos of my German Pattern Piece to show the type of engravings that were on the blade and also the black leather scabbard with brass fittings.

    Good luck with your search.

    Ron Goos
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    Hello Ron
    Thank you so much for the help and information.
    Very interesting.
    Thanks again


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