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Thread: Picked Up a Rust Bucket, What Do You Think It Is?

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    Picked Up a Rust Bucket, What Do You Think It Is?

    Hi All,

    I just picked this up from a local elderly gentleman. Its definitely had a very hard life but I thought it was interesting so I picked it up. What do you think it is? A couple things I notice about it are: 1. The basket does not have a flat side like is often seen on late 19c swords, 2. The basket extends further down the hilt, or covers more of the hilt than many of the 19c sabres I have seen, 3. The hilt is straight instead of curved at the end like most of the military sabres I have seen. I have done some searching and the only thing I find is that these characteristics are common on later 18c heavy cavalry swords. The quality seems decent, but not great. It appears that it was broken at one point and a new point was put on it. the guard and fittings are brass, and the blade has a crescent moon with three stars that decrease in size punched on each side. If it were just one star I would think Turkey, but I have read how symbols are usually very specific and deviations this large are more likely a different symbol altogether rather than a variation. Anyway, here are some pictures. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Nice sword! What you've probably got there is an English hanger from the first half of the 1700s. The blade markings are something I've seen on other English swords from that time frame, too.

    How long is the blade? You may have a cut down cavalry sword instead of an infantry hanger.

    The hilt looks like it's brass, yes?


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    Thanks for the information and comments Eljay. Based on some of the serarching I did I was leaning toward the early 18th century, so I’m glad to hear you feel the same. Yes, the hilt and fittings are brass. The sword has definitely been cut down. I can see the surface texture difference from the grinding of the new point. To me it looks like this was done after the service life of the sword because it is rather poorly done, but it was not done recently. It looks like at least 50+ years of patina on the point. I will take a measurement of the blade later on today and post it.

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    The blade length is 26.5”.

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    Here's another thought on your sword: it may be a grenadier's sword. The blade lengths were often around 30" (thus allowing for your shortened blade), and in the first half of the 1700s tended to have half or sometimes full baskets. I've got 4 English grenadier's swords in my collection, and while the hilts are differently styled from yours, one is of brass. For most of the 1700s there were no official pattern swords in the English army, which makes for a lot of variety for us collectors.



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