I'll keep it short,

Since a while i'm forgin' japanese blades and as well once in a while make some damascus and other things .

If someone want's to know more, feel free to ask

Here's a pic of a tanto I've made about a month ago, with a damascus blade (440layers), traditionally mounted.


First Question:

In my area i have not found a traditional sword polisher yet (livin' in Switzerland) so I'm polishing the blades by myself but am using paper (up to grit 2500) instead of stones.

As far as I know the set of stones which would be requierd to get a decent trad. polish is quiet expensive... (maybe I'm wrong and someone's got the address (web) of a good supplie.)

I have no troubles bringin' out the hamon (and on folded blades the watering) but it's not really strong. One have to hold it in the right angle to the light to see all details.
I know I could use Fe3Cl to etch it slightly... and as well had nice results but not the way i'd like it.

I tried using Nugui but it seemd not to bring any darkening effect (nothing at all) I guess I made it the wrong way.
And as well I wasn't able to find HADORI Stone-pieces.

Is there any alternative way to achive the (almost) same results as with using Nugui and Hadori?
Or where can I get theese two?
Up to what grit shall I polish before starting with Nugui and Hadori?

Some good books on traditional (stone) polishing out there?