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Thread: Howard Clark Daisho

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    Howard Clark Daisho

    I just updated Ted Tenold's site with a page devoted to a rather unique Howard Clark daisho. Y'all might find it interesting.

    P.S. I just took the photos but had nothing to do with the set other than having them in house for a few days to shoot photographs. They're really stunningly well done. So often people look at hamon or style or design but miss many of the subtle details of what distinguishes really quality work. Here is something done really well across the board with attention to detail at every step. Traditional in many respects but with some thoroughly modern, western influences.
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    Thanks for postin'

    lovley work, I specially like the nickle-damascus tsuba

    although I do not really like leather wrapped tsukas... When I handle a sword I just more like the feel & grip of Ito. (specially when your hands get a little wet on a hot long day of training )

    But a really nice blade and fittings...

    Howard: what steels did you use for the damascus, how many layers did you make? (just out of curiousity)

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    he steel is 1095/15N20 and I got it from Daryl Meier in a great big honker slab that weighed 5kg and was 16mm thick X 110mm wide. The blades were forged from that stock size right on down to finished forged to shape with less than 1mm off each surface in the grinding.
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