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Thread: Futasuji-hi

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    To get to the subject of swordwork(i expected some negative feedback about my opinion of female SUV drivers in the area)I am currently working on a damaged but restorable piece of Showato that appears to be handmade.I have already cut futasuji-hi on one side,when i figure out how to connect this new-fangled digital camera i bought a few months back i will document the work on the other side and you will be able to get an idea how i get it done .The tools arent traditional but i acheave the same end.After that the saya.
    Merry Christmas
    Greg Dunay

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    Sounds very cool, I look forward to seeing it.
    good luck with it.
    Joe Renner

    "While the man can bring balance to a sword, it will ultimately bring balace to him"


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