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Thread: Avatars - Please keep to 2-3kb in size

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    Post Avatars - Please keep to 2-3kb in size

    Guys, please make sure your Avatars are 2-3 kb in size so as to be considerate to modem users. Some of you are up to 12-13k with animations (some aren't animated but are huge for so tiny a graphic).

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    There are three points of interest I'd like to present.

    First, a 14 kb image is hardly the General Sherman of the Internet logjam. Even at a piddly 14.4 Kb/s of the most meager dialup means the image is carried over in the span of a second. At 56K, the typical dialup, that's a quarter of a second. I am one such dialup user, and the avatars are not the things I worry about when trying to load a page.

    That second point being, the avatars are not an important consideration in page loading and usually load after the page hypertext is loaded. When my page loadup is lagging, it is more often to do with attached pictures and illustrations more than it has to do with the avatars. Often enough, the page will not display until the pictures are loaded, but the page will display even if the avatars have not yet. I come to learn that clicking any thread with an Attachment paperclip marked beside it will demand patience. Clicking on most any other thread presents no problem, and the avatars certainly do not slow the loads of this particular dialup user (running at 40K, of all things. 56K is a pipe-dream out here).

    Thirdly, if avatars are indeed a bane for certain users, those certain users do have the ability to access their User Control Panel, select the Edit Options page, and choose to eliminate the avatar display. Any dialup user forced to resort to this action is one possessing of a dialup service so slow that the drastic measure is warranted whether the avatar stands at 2K in size or at 10K. Anybody with anything faster doesn't need to worry.
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