Hi Y'all

Sorry again that I've been away for a bit as I've been extremely busy lately trying to get some work done before I take a vacation.

Anyway, I was at the Chicago show on the 17th-18th with Rick Barrett, Shane Allee (I hope I spelled that right) and met up with a bunch of other cool guys that I haven't seen in a while. Bill Rannow, Doug Blume & Fred, Bob Benson, Mosses Baccerra and so on. (Sorry I didn't get to take some pictures of them as I was pressed for time).

Then Rick introduced me to Anthony DiCristofano. Very cool and talented guy. Very down to earth and knowledgeable about his stuff After asking permission to study the swords on his table, my eyes just light up thinking wow, this guy is really good

So, after meeting Anthony we had dinner with him and talked about swords the first night and the next day. I bug the crap out of him until he let me have a couple of his swords with me to polish. I didn't get the ones that he's already finished as I was looking for an unfinished blade from him that I can work on. Anyway, I didn't let off till I ended up with 3 newly made blades from him that I’d be polishing sometime soon (I hope).

Enough yakkin for me, here are some crappy pics that I took of some blades he had on his table. Sorry y'all, I'm still messing with my new camera.

1000 layer tanto made of Grandpa Meier steel (the bottom one).

I got a few more pics that I'll post on my website later on. I've just been really busy to take care of my site so for now; this is all I have to share. Sorry again for the crappy shots but I hope y'all like em