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Thread: Howard Clark L6 Hira Zukuri Daisho (pics)

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    Howard Clark L6 Hira Zukuri Daisho (pics)

    Man its been really quiet in here. Trying again

    Repost from The General Forum

    Here's another one that you don't see everyday

    The daisho was sent to me to be repolished. I just finished working on the katana last night and here's a few pics for y'all. Please don't ask me why the ito is differen't colors.

    Sorry again for the crappy shots. I'll take some more outdoor shots before I send this back to the owner.

    More pics on my Finished Projets

    Hope you all like it



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    Some would call that drab and boreing

    People who cant really apprecieat subtle beauty that is. I think that is really nice. I especially like the Habaki.

    Dwight P


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