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Thread: Highlander swords (again)

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    I own a Marto dragon head katana (like the one used in the series) and bought it when it first came out. I don't remember exactly what year that was, 1995, 1996... something like that. I know it was pre 1997 (these things happen when you buy too many weapons ). I remember when it came out in the Museum Replicas catalog. This was back when the catalog was still published in small format (something I think they never should have gotten away from). I saw the sword and immediately thought "I have to have that!" At the time I had never seen the Highlander series with Adrian Paul. I had seen H1 but nothing more. I didn't associate it with Highlander for quite some time. The sword being a rather new production also happened to be sold out. I ended up waiting for 2 1/2 months before delivery. Being fairly young at the time (not yet out of high school) I was quite annoyed at the wait. However, I remember the day that it finally arrived. It came in this red glossy shipping tube with the Marto name and logo on it all packed in a standard brown box. I remeber being quite impressed with it at the time. This was before I knew much about metalurgy or swords in general. I was unhappy with the saya though. It was aluminum painted a glossy black and had a tendecy to "bind" when pushing the blade inside, grinding aluminum against steel. I promptly went and made a wooden saya for it. Now, looking back on it, I can see the flaws with unemotional clarity. First, it was heavy. The blade thickness was in the 1/4" range and it showed. The steel was 440 C. A steel that I don't particularly like for swords. The hamon was a standard "surface treatment only." The catalog made mention that the sword was shipped unsharpened, so I had opted for the sharpening service that MRL provided. The edge did not progress from from the ridgeline straight to the edge, but the sword had another edge put on (similar to how a knife is sharpened). Even this edge was not up to par and I spent some time with my arkansas stones trying to remedy this. The tsuka came with what can only be described as some sort of hard grease paint in all the low spots to highlight the carving. This was black in color and looked terrible. I subsequently washed the tsuka in solvent (paint thinner I think) and brushed it with a wire bristled brush to remove the grease paint. It was then a bright white color throughout. Wanting it to look aged, I then washed the tsuka with a sponge dipped in brown wood stain. I washed and immediately wiped as much as I could off. I did this repeatedly until I achieved the color I wanted. The crevices showed as slightly darker than the raised portions acheiving the same effect as the grease paint but in a much more natural looking and elegant way. Needless to say, I was quite pleased with myself (as we all tend to be when we complete our first rework of a comercial product). Many swords later, this is still one of my favorite weapons (although I realized some time ago that it is only a wallhanger). Being both my first sword purchased and my first "home improvement project" it holds a special place in my heart... as all firsts tend to do.
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    Thanks for that detailed post. I don't think I'm going to be able to get hold of either sword for a price that's worth paying, so I'll 'make do' with my PPK (when it arrives, curse Royal Mail, curse them!).

    Important question though; why is Highlander Sword Shopper's Guide down? Is Adrian not looking after it any more

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    Way old thread but recently been in contact with Point Gallery and got this information:

    We currently offer 4 different 'Duncan MacLeod ' items and they are the following:

    1) Musashi Katana - Refined version of the Highlander TV Series Prop seen in Season One and most of Two.
    Our "Classic" version includes a 1095 DH or equivalent steel blade and the price per our website is 1,000 USD plus Shipping (25 CONUS).

    2) Season One Authentic Replica Prop - These are made from the same mold as the one used for the TV Series.
    We can only make a limited quantity of these per year based on our agreement with Davis-Panzer productions and copyright.
    Each Season One includes either a Tachi style blade that has a deeper curvature or a standard Katana DH blade.
    Due to copyright and rarity, these authentic replicas have a base price of 2,000 USD plus Shipping (25 CONUS).

    3) "Collarless" Sword of the Dragon (SOTD) - Marto version of the Highlander TV Series Prop seen in late Season 2 and early S3..
    Includes a 1095 DH steel blade and the price is 1,000 USD plus Shipping (25 CONUS).

    4) Sword of the Dragon (SOTD) with Bronze Collar - Marto version of the Highlander TV Series Prop seen in Season 3 to the Conclusion of the Series.
    Includes a 1095 DH steel blade and the price is 1,000 USD plus Shipping (25 CONUS).

    All options shown above include basic black Saya / Sageo and solid bronze fittings.

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