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Thread: Japanese style Working Knife...

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    Japanese style Working Knife...

    Well no posts here for a pretty long time...
    so I thought I start a new thread

    I just have taken a few pics of one of my japanese style working knives...
    These are pretty simple things:
    - Carbon tool-steel blade (W2)
    - Differentially heat treated
    - Semitrad. polish (but not till "mirror" as it's a working-blade).
    - Cordwrapped handle

    Well this one here has got a nice hamon... but see for yourself.

    It comes with a kydex sheath.

    I just post three pics here, if you're interested to see more, check out my website ( -> Swords & Knives -> Gallery).

    Comments & Critique welcome, as usual

    Here's a closup of the hamon:

    Daniel Gentile
    RONIN - Japanese Swords
    Open Your Eyes
    Live The Moment
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    No Offense but....

    other than your knife having a hamon on it, I don't see anything else that's japanese about it. Probably better to post this on the Bladesmith's Cafe.

    Cute knife though.


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