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    I just posted a question on the Home Improvement board on this, but because this is my"home" forum, I thought I'd get some input from here on what everyone does about displaying their collections.

    It's posted under "Displaying Swords". I would definitely appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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    I bought a seven sword display rack last year off of ebay. Don't remember the seller. Its made of lacquered wood. I lined the slots with felt to protect the swords. I have one problem, though. I recently purchased a 1796 heavy cavalry sword and due to its immense guard it will not fit in the rack as the guard hits the wall.


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    Having been in the USCG, and only two swords (both military types) in my collection so far, I have been using nautical-themed, brass hangers for displaying my swords. These hangers are designed with a back plate resembling a three masted clipper ship with a hook protruding from the bottom. I have them mounted next to a 48" X 32" oil painting (by a Spanish painter - Fernandez) of a Spanish Man-o-War in battle with a British Man-o-War . Both the painting and the swords make quite an impression on those who visit the house. . . not sure what I'll do when I expand my sword collection.
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    In my case, I decided to modify a cupboard that has glass doors. I removed several shelfs to make room for the swords, covered the lower one with a cork layer and installed a wooden strip horizontally on the front of it, with several semicircles cut out to acommodate the scabbard drags, or to hold the point when there is no scabbard. The cork provides enough protection in the later case.

    The result is no bad, because swords are protected from dust and moisture, while you can still observe them clearly through the glass doors.

    Hope this helps
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