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Thread: "Native American Weapons" by Colin F. Taylor

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    "Native American Weapons" by Colin F. Taylor

    The book is classified into the following chapters:

    1) Introduction
    2) Striking weapons
    3) Cutting weapons
    4) Piercing weapons
    5) Defensive weapons
    6) Symbolic weapons

    It has very good illustrations and has 128 pages.

    Striking weapons: discusses different kinds of stone and wooden clubs, the examples on page 14-15 and 17 look really impressive. Page 19 shows more exotic variations of this awesome weapon. Page 22 and 23 show the famous gunstock shaped club and has a good discussion on that.
    Different kinds of tomahaws are also discussed, it could have been done more extensively in my opinion. Beautiful pics of pipe tomahawk, spontoon, etc.
    Page 35 shows a picture of a Spooted Eagle 1880 with a gunstock shaped club with three blades! Really impressive!

    Cutting weapons: Starts with obsidian blades and their usage in California with a pic on page 37. Page 42 shows steel trade knives and an interesting explanation on that. Interesting pics in this chapter.

    Piercing weapons: starts with atlatl (spear thrower) and discusses bow and arrows! A strange name for this chapter!! Discusses different methods of arrow release among different tribes page 67.

    Defensive weapons: discusses shields and their functions and body armor.

    With symbolic weapons the book closes.

    All in all a good book for beginners and lower intermediate on these weapons. I give it a 8.



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    Some pics from this book may be found here,

    Jesse D. Zinn
    North Carolina

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