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Thread: Known knock-offs of the LC P1796?

  1. Known knock-offs of the LC P1796?

    Which countries adopted the British LC P1796 sabre? I know that Sweden bought a bunch (P1808), and that the Prussians had their P1811 patterned on it, but where there any other countries?


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    Post Spanish imports

    British-made LC sabres and HC swords of 1796 patterns were issued to Spanish armies during the war against the French, starting in 1808.

    It is a matter of curiosity that despite the fact of the huge quantities of British P1796 LC sabres and HC swords in service during Peninsula Wars in Spanish regular forces and guerrilla units (I don't have figures, but these swords saw service well into the 1840's in some Spanish units, along with regulation patterns), they didn't leave any trace on Spanish weaponry design, that followed the French style for hilts, and the traditional Spanish design for blades with some French influence, too...

    Why? I don´t know for sure, but I think that the very old animosity against England biased decisions a lot, and the more versatile French designs, which allowed a proper use of the point and gave more protection to the hand, made the rest. A few years of alliance can not erase centuries of either open or non-declared wars... In this case, History had her weight.
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    I've read that th 1796 LC swords were used in India for considerable amount of time after the Napoleonic wars -- especially the blades. Also, the Prussian version remained in service through WWI.


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    The Portuguese used them (and the Heavy Cavalry P1796) extensively, along with large amounts of other British arms and equipment.
    The Americans also adopted the P1796 Light Cavalry style (usually with painted or laquered scabbards).


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