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Thread: Polish P1934 cavalry sabre?

  1. Polish P1934 cavalry sabre?

    Could someone help me with some basic info on the Polish wz 34 sabre? Also, what is the approximate value of one in so-so condition?

  2. Found a Polish page on the sabre:

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    34's are thin on the ground (especially here in the States). Can you define *so-so* condition?


  4. Well, it looks like this. The scabbard is pretty corroded.
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  5. Well, it looks like this. The scabbard is pretty corroded...

    ...but the blade appears to be OK. Please note that the lower pic is showing the other side, but that I flipped it for symmetry... I just recieved an email from the owner. Seems like he doesn't want to sell it now when he's learned what it is, but an approximate value would be nice.


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