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Thread: Unusual Brit P1845

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    Unusual Brit P1845

    Hello again all.

    Anybody recognise the cartouche in this sword? From other photos, it's clearly a British P1822/45
    infantry officer's type in all respects except for the non-standard cartouche. It has a "transitional" type blade with the flat back of the P1845 for most of its length but a pipe-back point. It's stamped WL & H Sargant which doesn't have an exact match in Annis and May, but they list WL Sargant as working in Birmingham 1850s-70s. It's also stamped Best Cast Steel. So, it's English made, but otherwise I'm stumped!


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    Hello Paul.
    My guess is this sword was made for export, possibly for ether side in the US Civil War. Sargant is listed in THILLMAN'S bok as exporting brass hilted P1821 British cavalry swords to the US during the War so it is probable this firm exported P1822 Officers swords too. The absence of etching on the blade and the non standard cartouch in the hilt would also seem to bear this out.
    I can't add much on the cartouche except that it may have some relevance to a particular unit or State Militia during the CW who may have commissioned it direct.
    Interesting sword... regards Todd.


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