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Thread: indentify the mark

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    Question indentify the mark

    I have been trying to get some information on a sword over in the "Beginner's Forum" and it was suggested that I post my "reasonable facsimile" of the mark here.

    The piece is at least 20 years old, but probably older.

    Has anyone seen this before or can they give me a decent direction to look?

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    Hello, Mr. Bennett.

    I've seen this mark before. It appeared on some swords made in Toledo (Spain) in the 1960's, maybe 1970's. This "Excalibur mark" have some relation with a bunch of swords made for Oskar Kolombatovich, a well-known fencer residing in Spain at that time, who was interested in traditional swordmanship, and therefore they are supposed to be reproductions of a somewhat "practical" standard.

    I have no more real information regarding this maker. I've seen both rapiers and medieval-styled swords with this mark. What style is your sword?

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    Mr. Perez,

    Thank you very much!

    The link to the original thread (with images) can be found

    here .

    It was suspected that the sword was somehow tied to Kolombatovich, but the mark remained a mystery.

    After a several decades of curiosity about the mark, I will now have to find some other mystery to take its place.

    Again, thank you.


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