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Thread: Sword Seminar: Classical meets Modern

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    Sword Seminar: Classical meets Modern

    The Martial Arts & Fitness Center proudly presents a double seminar exploring Yagyu Shinkage-Ryu Hyoho and Nakamura Ryu Batto-do. The date of this seminar is Saturday, July 23, 2005 and will take place in Malvern, Pennsylvania. For more information, please go to:

    Have a great day!

    Ethan Tomer

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    fun stuff

    Just a quick note, seminars went well, everyone worked hard, Kelly was a good host. Had a great time, enjoyed the training, looking forward to the next time! I invite any of the participants to share their impressions. Am also looking for comments on the swords we test-cut with.

    Dave Drawdy
    "the artist formerly known as Sergeant Major"

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    I agree. It was very enjoyable, and I got a much better appreciation for Edo Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, and it was great to see so many people again. I think that sharing in this way was really beneficial for us, and I would love to train together again in the future.

    -Joshua B.

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    great day

    Had a great time with Dave and all the guys from Nakamura ryu, we covered a lot at 3 hours each, and even that did not seem like enough time. Some kenjutsu from the sangaku and a few iai kata for the Yagyu portion, and some solo kata, and kumitachi followed by cutting for the Nakamura group.

    Personally I think this kind of exchange is great fun, and informative. Some in the koryu world might feel seminars are wrong, reall koryu doent do seminars etc, and thats their perogative, to those that have been following the thread over at e budo regarding "secrets" for some of us, in some ryu there really are no secrets, none that you could get at a seminar at least. After all thats not the point anyway. We all walked away with a bit of each others "umwelt" and resepct for each others skills, and thats what a friendship seminar should be about.

    I hope that others will take to heart Dave's note elsewhere today to post events on this site. In the aikido world friendship seminars are common, aikidoka all come from an art that has changed through the teachers and to get together and share the common threads has good energy to it. Likewise swordsmen (and ladies) may not come from a common art, but we share a common tool, and unless a keppan keeps you from showing others what you do, why not.

    In Japan, at least with my ryu, embu is common, but seminars are rare, this was true to in the aikido world I was part of there also. And although unlike aikido I do not believe the sword arts should be "blended" cross training in this way has merit, even if I cant verbalize it.

    One thing that I really want to be clear about though, this should not be about money. Of course the space costs money, and the travel costs money, so training is going to cost money. I do not teach martial arts to make my living, so any additional cash goes into a sword for newbies, or to help cover rent etc. I am not knocking those that teach for a living, but I do worry that if teachers start traveling for seminars to make cash, it detracts from the positive aspects of the get together.

    As for the swords we tested, I liked them. The shorter version without the bohi was better IMHO, the bohi one seemed to want to twist when it bit into the target, the one without bohi went through smoother. The fittings wer decent quality, the leather tsuka wrap is not my thing, but neither did it feel slippery. The saya fit was nice, and the draw felt smooth.

    Sorry for rambling, good luck to those going to Tampa, Im sure you'll do well.

    Paul Manogue
    Paul Manogue

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    Fun time

    Great time. I have a much deeper respect for Yagyu Shinkage Ryu now. Definitely something I would love to some day try again. It was nice meeting more people who share a common interest as you who show such a strong dedication and passion to the sword arts.

    By the way did anyone get pictures?



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