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Thread: What is Grivory? A Plastic blade !?!?

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    What is Grivory? A Plastic blade !?!?

    What kind of material is Grivory?
    Cold steel has a Prudiction line called: Nightshade Series

    I liked some of the knifes, and I was surprised that they where so sheep, but when I looked closer I saw that they weren’t made of steel!?!
    But some kind of plastic material called Grivory.

    What is that? Is it really hard enough for a knife?
    Is it sharp? Can it be sharpened?
    Or is it just en expensive version of a ”use one time and throw a way table knife"?
    If I am asking this question in the wrong place, please forgive me!

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    Grivory is a glass-filled nylon similar to Zytel only even more rigid.

    I have the larger of the two push daggers made out of Grivory, and while I wouldn't want to use it to carve with, it's actually fairly impressive. I came with a stupid-sharp tip which dulled down to a more serviceable rapier-like one after I had jabbed it repeatedly through several soda cans and the edge bevel was actually good enough that if I had sand-papered it it might have been able to make a decent cut. Nothing near cutting paper, but close.
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