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Thread: Masahiro Swords

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    Masahiro Swords

    Has anyone heard about what kind of quality the Masahiro Katana has. I don't like to go by what the sales pitch says. If you have had experience with this makers swords please tell me what you think.


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    Couple of searches...

    for your perusing pleasure:
    Masahiro katana
    Are Masahiro wallhangers?
    Review of Masahiro
    Several other "bargain beginner" swords:
    Tony Long - doesn't exist? - lots of joking in this one near the end...

    Buy these? (Paul Chen PPK's)
    Kris Cutlery - slightly more expensive.
    Cheness Cutlery

    Some droolworthy swords, training or otherwise...

    The standard rule of thumb is: You get what you pay for. Many times people become unsatisfied with their quick impulse purchases, especially when they find the swords are too low or too inconsistent in quality to be trusted for martial arts practice or even cutting. That said, the reviews of the latest Masahiro seem to be okay, but you probably should always look for a retailer with good quality control...
    Couple of threads:
    First sword-shopping experience (Kimi Ushida)
    Starting point for first-time buyers

    Read through a couple of stickyed threads in the Beginner's Forum and also through some interesting threads in the General Forum's spotlight subforum... (kinda unrelated but it's certainly interesting reading).

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    Hi Jon,

    Some folk like them, others don't. Using the forum searh engine brought up twenty-five threads that include the word.

    Here are the search results.

    Going by some of the feedback and interest, it seems like you could do worse for the money spent. That said, you also seem to generally get what you pay for. Shop from someone with a return policy and if you have the cash to spend, it might be a suprisingly good buy. Cheaper than a Hanwei Practical Katana and take down capability. A better buy than Hanwei? Some seem to think so.


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    Decent sword for less than $100 if you can believe that. Biggest drawback is the 45 rockwell hardness on the ha.This will curl if strike metal,or another hard substance.

    I own one and like it .

    If you take care of it and use it correctly it is a decent entry level piece.Do not expect to chop up cinderblocks with it.


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    i bought one...Ill let you know how it is when i get it.
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    I like them but I will say that i bought 3 of the Masahiro - Shadow Warrior Handmade Katana - Plum Edition to sell on my website and had to send 2 back and order more.I hope this order is better.I will not sell something I would not keep myself.So watch when and where you buy

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    The semi-legendary "Masahiro Bamboo" were great bang for buck, but turns out they weren't really Masahiro at all. Don't mix those with what Masahiro is currently selling as Bamboo sword.
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