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Thread: The Churburg Armoury

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    The Churburg Armoury

    "The Churburg Armoury - Historic Armour and Arms in the Castle of Churburg"

    Please see our review of the book in draft format:

    We have seen a draft version of the book and the photos are absolutely superb! Never have I seen photography of this calibre applied to armour. Exceptional detail is drawn out and you are truly imersed in the subject. The photographer (Carlo Paggiarino) has a truly amazing grasp of his subject.

    The book has not gone to print yet, so for the moment they are only accepting pre-orders. Availability is expected by mid-October. Feel free to pre-order.

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding the book's content. We have had the opportunity to review about 80% of the contents. I am definitely very excited to see detailed photographs published in such a professional format and with qualified captions and dates. This is a big win for the arms and armour community, or at least for those who have an interest in the contents of Castle Churburg.

    I highly recommend getting hold of this book if you have an interest int he subject matter.

    This book is an absolute must for the arms and armour enthusiast.

    Brian W. Rainey
    Armour Research Society
    Brian's Library

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    Does anyone have any idea if this book was ever published?

    I can't even seem to find the Armour Research Society anymore.
    Ben Holman

    Audentia, Prudentia, Fortitudo.

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    Yes, Ben.

    "The Churburg Armoury" was published in 2006,

    After that I produced "The Wallace Collection" in 2008 and now "The Royal Armouries", a two-volume set of 634 pages with 440 full page images, has just been released.

    You can find all three at HANS PRUNNER website .

    Hope this info are of help.




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