If you are going to be in Australia in July, don't miss these seminars:

7-9 First Section Michuan Empty Hand Martial Applications - Lawson Community Centre, Blue Mountains, Australia. Cost $180 AUD.

11 -13 Children's Chinese Swordsmanship Seminar with Scott and Feihong Rodell - For children aged 7- 12 years. Leura Gym, Leura, Blue Mountains, Australia. Cost $75. Equipment needed to participate. If there is enough interest from teenagers, we will put on sword training for this age group. Please ask Linda or check the website http://www.grtc.org.au/youth.html

10 First Section Michuan Empty Hand Form. This is for those who already know and practise this form.

11- 13 Push Hands. $20 per student, per night. Email Linda for details.

14 - 16 Push Hands as a transition to San Shou - MacGregor State High Drama Hall, Brisbane, Australia. Cost $180. Enquiries to Jason King

Registration forms can be printed off the Australian GRTC website. Click on the link below.