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Thread: Shamshir from Persia->Turkey

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    Shamshir from Persia->Turkey

    i have inherited a sword of which I am not exactly sure where to place it and what its value would be. Came down from a family living and trvaelling in the 19th century in the lower Danube/Kaukasian area. The rest is in the dark for me.
    Any commetns to find out more about his genuine piece would be welcomed. Arabian inscription not legible because I don't read Arab.
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    Its Indian, and called a "naga," which is the Indian word for snake.

    I used to have one myself, but sold it to a man named Carl Young a few months ago.

    Can't help you with the inscription, sorry.

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    What Joe said. When I met Hank Reinhard and talked to him about the bewildering variety of blades from the subcontinent he came up with a great phrase "The South Indian Flamboyant School"
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