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Thread: Question about modern USMC Officers' Mamolukes?

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    Question about modern USMC Officers' Mamolukes?

    Hey all,
    I always thought that Mamoluke swords were neat and beautiful swords. And I know things such as equipment, issue weapons, etc, change with time in the military. But I want to ask something about those Mamolukes, especially modern USMC ones:
    When I went through Paris Island in '74 my platoon lieutenant's Mamoluke was beautiful. I loved edged weapons even then and kept an eye on all of their weapons on the occasions when they wore them (which was often), the NCOs' and especially the Officers' swords.
    Anyway, I remember that the lieutenant's Mamoluke had a wide, fullered blade and seemed to have a slightly narrower more functional handle or grip than some I see now. It appeard to be a real, functional sword with a combat ready blade. It was beautiful! But in recent days I have looked at several Mamolukes on line, catologs and in places such as stores (MRL) and gun shows in sword sections, etc.. The Mamolukes I see now-a-days have a narrow, cheap looking blade and to me an overly fat handle or grip. The blades are etchd and/or engraved true enough, but are still narrow and cheap looking.
    My question is this: Have they changed since the mid '70s or was that one my Lt had just a personal selection or a privately purchased one or what?
    Just curious. Any info would be appreciated.
    Take care,
    David Edelen
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    Hi, David, your LT may have had a custom, or a mamluk from Ames look here Ames still forges and tempers there blades for functionality. The other military sword cos. use SS for their blades. As to the matter of width of blades that can be an order preference
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