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Thread: The passing of Patri Pugliese

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    The passing of Patri Pugliese

    A message forwarded from Ray and Jeannette Martinez -
    Dear All,

    It is with sadness that we report the death of Mr. Patri Pugliese.
    Mr. Pugliese passed from this life on the afternoon of Sunday
    February 11, 2007. For those of you who did not know Mr. Pugliese was
    the first person to make photo-copies of historical fencing texts
    available to the public. He did this as a service to those who are
    interested in classical and historical fencing. He was never
    motivated by profit or personal recognition but by his love for
    fencing and history which was instilled in him by his late mother and
    teacher Ms. Julia Jones who was the fencing coach at Hunter College
    for many years and student of the great fencing master Maestro Julio
    Martinez Castello.

    The importance and significance of Mr. Pugliese's contribution to the
    resurgence in the interest in classical and historical fencing cannot
    be emphasized enough. It was due to his generosity and efforts that
    many of those who are involved today in the study of the historical
    fencing treatises got their start. He was also one of the first
    pioneers in the serious and systematic study and reconstructions of
    the methods that the great masters of the past left in their written

    Mr. Pugliese will be sorely missed by all those who knew him as well
    as those who did not know him personally. He was one of the first who
    breeched the wall of fencing mythology and opened the gate for access
    to the truth.

    Patri, we offer a Grand Salute to you and like the legendary
    swordsman and poet Cyrano De Bergerac, we pray; "...that when you
    enter before God, may your salute sweep all the stars from the blue

    Ramon & Jeannette Martinez

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    I'm really sorry to hear about this. Patri was a fine gent and his efforts a real aid to we "old timers".
    Greg Mele
    Chicago Swordplay Guild

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    Condolences can be sent to Barbara, Antonia and Julia Pugliese at:

    39 Capen St.
    Medford, MA 02155

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a 529 College Fund set up at Fidelity for Antonia and Julia's college education by sending a check payable to "Patri's Girls" to:

    Janet Baker
    173 Highland St.
    West Newton, MA 02465

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    This is dreadful news. Patri was one of the finest gentlemen it's been my pleasure to meet. He and Barbara were the finest hosts I have ever stayed with. Their dinners with correct 19th century place settings and menus were legendary. I don't think I ever saw Patri without a smile on his face. His enthusiasm and vitality were inspiring and infectious.

    Patri supplied me with my first facsimile fencing manuals. I and many others owe him a great debt. I am inexpressably sad at this news. We have lost one of the founding fathers of historical swordsmanship.

    I didn't want to hear this Tony, but thanks for passing it on.


  5. I had been looking for a Highland broadsword manual for eight years without success, then I found Patri's catalog online and ordered my copy of Mathewson. I wonder how many of us would even have been able to get started without him?
    "Am fear a thug buaidh air fhein, thug e buaidh air namhaid."

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    Swetnam Book

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Thompson View Post
    I had been looking for a Highland broadsword manual for eight years without success, then I found Patri's catalog online and ordered my copy of Mathewson. I wonder how many of us would even have been able to get started without him?

    My well thumbed Swetnam book came from Patri.

    He will indeed be missed.

    Gallowglass Academy

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    Great Man

    Patri Pugliese's copies are still in my library. I remember when they were the only source of these manuscripts and just how important they were to developing my understanding of 19th Century weapons and tactics. Although Mr. Pugliese has passed from this physical existance his spirit and memory will continue as we thumb though the pages of his great contributions. I never met you Patri nor shook you hand but I thank you for enlighting me. When my turn comes to pass over you will be one of the people who I will look up.
    My Best


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