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Thread: Cobra swords or Pahari Swords

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    Cobra swords or Pahari Swords

    The shape of the forte of this type of swords is really unique. At times I wonder whether this was soleyl meant for decoartion or conveying a message or had any practical reasons. Any input would be highly appreciated.

    Courtesy of Oriental Arms

    "This type of sword is generally referred to as Indo-Afghan, rightfully describing the mixed Indian and Afghan elements. These swords are also referred to as Cobra swords or Pahari Swords. The are characterized by the Afgahn style handle and Indian straight blade bulged at the ricasso. This one is a short version of classical style: 16 ˝ inches blade, widens to 2 ˝ inches at its top. Steel handle. Both blade and handle are decorated with gold koftgari inscription and floral design, including a date 121(?) which corresponds to 1795-1804 in the Gregorian calendar. Wood scabbard with the original fabric cover. Total length 22 inches."
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    Elliot Lake
    Hi Manoucher

    very nice
    i think the Afghan handles are more likely to have up turned hilts... .. also the ends on this one have dragon shape aswell...

    i can't tell if its a wootz...

    nice gold work


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