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Thread: New to collecting..some questions

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    New to collecting..some questions

    Firstly Hi everyone.
    I have a history in martial arts and became interested in japanese swords.
    I recently bought my second katana. The first was a modern cold steel katana.

    The one all the questions are to be about is my second buy.
    I dont have huge amounts of money to spend on my new hobby but recently purchased a sword for 102 pounds.(local auction)

    I think the sword is old and not falsely aged. If it is falsely aged they went a bit far since the fittings are rather tatty. The wooden handle is shrunk so bad it wobles and the peg that holds it to the tang falls out it shrank so badly.

    along the line of the hamon there is a ridge of metal. i can feel it with my thumb nail. Ive read that some old swords were re-edged for WWII. Could this be the ridge? The metal bellow the ridge is distinctly different in texture from the back of the blade

    sorry please move i was sure i clicked the asia forum...Great start eh?

    The tang is marked with japanese characters both sides. Could anyone here identify them?

    I havent any photos as yet if anyone is willing to help i could sort out some photographs..
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