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Thread: Damascus Indonesian blade help

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    Damascus Indonesian blade help

    This blade is from a friend who travelled to the Negros region of the Philiipines for martial arts training. He was told it was an Indonesian blade. The blade measures 19 and three quarters in length by one and an eighth wide. The blade is damascus. The center section of the tip of the blade (two inches or so) appears to have dissintigrated or corroded away. The blade does not appear to be in a "rusted" condition however. Can anyone speculate as the origins, or how old this blade might be..... I would appreciate any knowledgable opinions.

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    Sorry about the poor pictures. I resized them to try and make it a little more viewable....
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    Another photo........
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    And the third..........
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    To me this looks like a Sumatran pedang, it could also be a golok from West Java. Impossible for me to say anything about age...the pamor looks to have some age, but the fittings look new. It's certainly seen a good number of acid cleanings and etchings.
    The fact that it's a pamor blade instead of homogenous steel, and that it has the corroded/delaminated part may also indicate that it's generally older.
    Congrats on a nice Indonesia piece.



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