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Thread: Military Jian/Sword-Help needed to ID; Thanks!

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    Smile Military Jian/Sword-Help needed to ID; Thanks!

    Hi Everyone, I am a Chinese from Singapore and have acquired a Chinese military sword that I have been trying to identified. Appreciate if anyone out there can help or have seen something similar.

    I suspect this was made during the period when China was trying to modernise late 1800s/early 1900s before the war in 1949 where the KMT (KuoMingTang/Nationalist; present day Taiwan; ROC) government was formed.

    This sword has heavy western influences but has a oriental/chinese motif on the grip and scabbard - it featured a few mythical creatures, "QiLin" around it playing with a ball.

    Thanks for everyone interests and help!
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    I hope there are some people who know more about Chinese military swords because this one is quite interesting. I have seen pictures of many sabers with fittings more or less like these, but the blade is far superior to others I have seen. At least to my eye, it appears as though a fine sanmai jian blade was fitted to a later hilt. A better close-up of the blade would help, but I think I can see the hardened edges and folding pattern in the blade. The level of decoration on the fittings would indicate that this was a mid level officer's sword, but that is based on a relative evaluation. Regular troops did not carry swords like this one, and the fittings are nicer than others I have seen. That pushes the likely rank of the original owner up. On the other hand, the fittings could have silver inlay or gilding, which I don't see. This implies the sword is not from the highest rank.

    Please post more close-ups (try Photobucket or a similar service) of this fascinating sword.
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