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Thread: JW Hot Steel Forge?

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    Angry Bad Customer servive

    I'm hearing 2 opinions here:

    You get what you pay for ....

    JW Hot Steel forge works hard to keep the customers happy....

    I agree with opinion number one. I competley disagree with Opion #2.

    I paid for a blade and gave them specific dimensions. THey took about 6 months to make the sword and mailled it and it was not what I asked for. the blade tapered from 1 1/4 at the habaki down to about 3/4 inch at the kissaki. I specificlly requested no taper. So I said fine and asked the to make me another AND PAID A SECOND TIME in SEPT 2007. I was showm pictures of a forged blade that was supposed to be mine and now 8 months later they wont even return an email. SOme time in Oct 2007 , was the last time they responded to an email. They said they would make the necessary changes to myblade to make it more functionalble. aka change my design specs. I wasn't requesting anything that difficult. just a 27 1/2 inch folded 1 1/4 wide untapered blade with a 2 inch kissaki.

    Still 8 months later, I can't even get them to return an email. I have asked for a refund about 3 times. No Response .Yesterday , I even said I would take any one of there folded blades as a replacement. Still no response.

    I'll keep you all posted on how tis goes.

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    Hmm, that's disappointing. I agree that they do take a while sometimes to reply to emails, but I have always gotten a good thorough response within a few days.

    I'm surprised by this, considering the lengths that they went to with my SBG friend to give him exactly what he wanted...all at no extra charge.

    Sorry to hear that and I hope everything works out well in the end.

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