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Thread: Horrbile cutting accident...

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    Exclamation Moderator's warning

    Irrelevant posts pruned from the thread. Can we PLEASE play nice, especially in a "get well" thread? Also bear in mind not everyone has the same sense of humor; I strongly suggest all of you to exercise a *little* more sensitivity in your posts.
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    Good to hear you are back on your feet.
    Hope you do well with the rest of recovery.
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  3. Wow,
    I just read this.
    Praise God you are mending!

    I will be keeping your family and TJ in prayer.

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    Mr. Watanabe,

    I have always appreciated your knowledge and willingness to share on this forum and now your example of forgiveness it truly admirable to say the least.

    I wish you a speedy and full recovery and thank you for posting your story as a cautionary tale for those who would read it.

    Tim Westover

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Westover View Post
    I wish you a speedy and full recovery and thank you for posting your story as a cautionary tale for those who would read it.
    Tim, you are very kind with your words, as is everyone who has commented on this thread that my wife started. I can't express how much your words of concern have touched me; thank you all. Slowly but surely, I am recovering my strength.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Westover View Post
    I have always appreciated your knowledge and willingness to share on this forum and now your example of forgiveness it truly admirable to say the least.
    Tim, your compliments are flattering, but I am not as knowledgeable as you may think; I try only to offer what little help or advice I can provide to anyone willing to listen, the same way every forumite on SFI tries to do. Thank you though, for your gesture of kindness.

    H. Watanabe

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    Quote Originally Posted by H. Watanabe View Post
    I try only to offer what little help or advice I can provide to anyone willing to listen, the same way every forumite on SFI tries to do. Thank you though, for your gesture of kindness.

    H. Watanabe

    That's all it takes man.

    Glad you are feeling better
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    Whoa! I haven't been on this forums for a few days and look what I've missed.

    Good to hear you're ok mr. Watanabe.

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    My most sincere wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
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    I still say this thread should become a sticky, that aside Mr.Watanabe I just wanted to give you my well wishes since I forgot to do so earlier.

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    Best wishes for a fast and easy recovery!
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    H. Watanabe

    I am glad to hear that your doing all-right.

    My best wishes.
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    H. Watanable,

    I wish you a speedy recovery both physically and mentally. You have my thoughts and prayers.

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    sword abuse can kill

    lets not scapegoat cheness and PY Chen

    If TJ was using the higo to chop timber and tree trunks , bracken etc - for 2 yrs + and then used a twig to replace the mekugi - well folks any high end production sword would have failed from such abuse -

    I am so glad hajuke is up and about - this has been on my mind so much lately
    i went home the other night and shimmed a tsuka core I have as it was not
    bomb proof tight , then I changed the mekugi in two other katana -

    I hope this sticky helps prevent another tragic accident from happening

    and Mrs Tinkers words of wisdom are priceless - do not use a sword when angry
    or if some ones cutting and is in a foul mood walk away - sage advice .

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    Sad but relieved

    Sounds like you've been through the meatgrinder, Mr. Watanabe. Heal up, warrior, I'll be praying for you. I hope the other guy has learned something. This reminds me not to overestimate my ability. It's sad the lesson came at great cost and suffering to you....
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    Just found this...

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and peace of mind for all involved.
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    hope ya get better.
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    I will keep you both in my prayers.
    Keith L.

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    I really hope that you will fully recover from your injuries.
    This is a terrible tale.. I hope it can be used in the future as a warning for others.

    Get well!

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    From my family to yours; God bless and get well soon.
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    I hope your recovery is going well.

    This thread has certainly made me more aware of the possible dangers of using swords. It is always a good idea to use common sense and to be vigilant at all times. Your ordeal will be in my memory and serve as tool of caution for my future practices with weapons in general.

    My best wishes to you and your family for a happy and healthy future!

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    i had no idea...i hope that the cheness higo did not do such a horrible thing... i love cheness blades, i was given this link by another. i kind of idolize him, for making functional blades for such a low cost, and still being durable. i guess i was wrong huh.....i may be 14, but i thought that i was past foolish optimism..... the japanese sword means so much too me, too much, i cannot let it go....i would risk any injury, despite the fact that i am careful. i hope you get well very soon...
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    I am sorry for what has happened.
    I hope your husband recovers, and that he is more careful about whom he teaches in the future...
    I also feel badly because my initials are also T.J., and the one in question needs to control his temper better as well as make sure he isn't training with sub-standard equipment.
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    If the katana is a 3,000 dollars authentic shinken, would this still happen?

    I believe the blade should not be blamed, but rather the owner of the blade. If the sword was used as an axe and the mekugi was replaced with a twig, you can expect what would happen.

    The shinken is expensive not because it's durable, but the hardship of folding the steel to create countless layers. It was used to remove impurities in the steel in ancient Japan, but no longer necessary beside creating natural hamon. In fact, folded steel is actually less resilient and more subject to damage when a bad cut occurs.

    I am sorry for what Mr. Watanabe has been through, may he recover fully and soon. This should serve as a lesson for us all.
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    Well, in the abstract, it certainly could. Any sword that has been mistreated the way that this one was could suffer a cracked tsuka and become unsafe. Any sword with a twig for a mekugi is potentially unsafe.

    Would someone who spent $3,000 on a sword likely treat it better? One would think so. But it wasn't the sword that was inherently unsafe, it was the owner. Watanbe-san is gracious and thoughtful in his remarks (and I hope he is healing well), but in my mind, he was clearly endangered by the impulsiveness and arrogance of his friend. There's no place for immaturity in real weapons training.

    I've been around guns all my life, and have witnessed, or learned of, numerous accidental discharges. In only one of them was a defect in the gun to blame. In all of the others the fault lay squarely on the owner.

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