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Thread: A Chinese shield

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    A Chinese shield

    I would really appreciate any further information on this shield and possibly more pictures.

    Courtesy of Ashoka Arts

    "A very rare large cane shield from China 'Po'. Supposedly used by the Tiger soldiers who were elite 'shock' troops used to terrify the enemy during wars of the 19th century. There are records of them being present during both the Taiping and Boxer Rebellions, as well as some earlier references to tiger-striped uniforms during the 18th Century. The large gently convex shield made of heavy cane painted dramatically with a tigers face with open jaws. The reverse retaining a large cane-bound wooden handgrip (reattached). Very good condition. There are several examples of this type of shield in national museums and institutions, one in the Museum Volkenkunde Leiden, one in the Royal Armouries, Leeds, and several in the American Museum of Natural History, and the Smithsonian Institute, Washington. A wonderfully dramatic display piece. 35 inches diameter approximately. China, 19th century.

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    There was a thread on these at a while back. Had some really good pictures and information.


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