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Thread: 1908 pattern non-standard grip

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    1908 pattern non-standard grip


    well I did something everyone knows one shouldn't do, that is buy a sword at an auction on the spur of the moment without previewing it. But hey, its a gift for my son and I think he'll be tickled pink despite its obvious flaws.

    Its an 1908 pattern cavalry sword, in fairly rough shape - rust pitting on portions of blade, bowl with just traces of paint, slightly dented scabbard, missing one loop. But what is most concerning is the grip. Rather than the "pistol" shaped composite material, it has a crudely turned brass grip. Its formed with a rectangular shaped forward end to fit to the bowl, and then shaped with a swelling to fit hand and terminating to fit pommel. The brass appears "old" (whatever that means), with annular grooves for some grip. It is not curved as in the original.

    I removed the pommel and could see the tang exiting the brass, a very tight fit.

    A good story for my son would be that this is a "field repair", but I rather doubt it. The effect of this hunk of brass is to move the sword's balance point back a couple of inches and probably increases the sword effectiveness in giving someone a good whack with the pommel

    I don't have any pictures as of yet, but the markings (as best as I can make out) are as follows:


    left side of blade:
    small crown (like an "m" with cross on it)
    4 '15

    right side of blade:
    broad arrow
    that small crown again
    X (the bending proof mark)

    Bowl, directly above blade:
    broad arrow
    the small crown

    scabbard (on edge corresponding to spine of sword):
    I, then a five lobed "star"
    broad arrow
    another small "crown", slightly different than the others (really need pics)

    Some of the marks are obvious to me, date of manufacture, Enfield mark, inspection mark, but I am wondering about the "SC" on the bowl and if anyone else has seen such a sword with a turned brass grip.



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    The markings sound ok.

    Marks on the turned part, inside are often regimental markings. (See my attachment showing 2D (2nd Dragoons)

    Not familiar with the brass fitting, but sounds interesting. Would like to see pics.
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    re:1908 pattern non-standard grip


    no regiment marks visible on inside of bowl as seen on the image. That area is a bit rough with combo of rust and residual paint. I hope to get some pics posted soon.



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