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Thread: Help Identifying Strange Dagger

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    Help Identifying Strange Dagger

    I had posted this item in the MEIA forum, but I'm reposting it here on the advice of several members.

    The piece is about 16 inches in length. Guesses so far have ranged from a ritualistic Wiccan dagger from France to an Indo-Persian dagger commissioned by a British officer (due to the oddity of a Chilanum-style blade decorated with a British wyvern), but so far I have been unable to find anything like it.

    This blade was brought to me for identification, but falls well outside my scope of experience. Would anyone here happen to know region, age, and possibly the value of such a piece?


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    The handle doesn't look original; it certainly doesn't fit the motif. It's certainly one of the weirdest looking daggers I've seen, including modern fantasy blades. The artwork looks like some combination of Gothic and Mediterranean. The recurved blade reminds me of a Kris.

    No offense, (opinion forthcoming) but it looks like someone set out to make the ugliest dagger ever, and may have succeeded. Each part of the artwork is well executed but the overall product is so disharmonious that I want to cry when I see it.
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    I am almost positive the handle is Indonesian, so it is interesting that it may have been added separately. The blade shape is Indo-Persian as mentioned and the dragon does not look like any Indonesian dragon I have ever seen.

    I still think the man on the handle was surprised by the tang

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    ...or else it's a woman on the handle, and she's surprised by her beard.


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