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Thread: Installing new Tsuka.

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    I learned right here at SFI and on my own what to expect from production tsuka.

    I wont cut with one anymore. They are dubious in all aspects of construction. There are no rules or laws that control how they are made or what they are made of.

    I have taken apart just about every production tsuka I have. Only a couple seem "decent" and really solid. But in the end, they all appear to be carved with a router. They just seem to float out at the end of the nakago ana. Several have had shims, nearly all have cracks or poorly glued halves.

    Keep in mind, these I'm talking of are true lower end production stuff, however my PC PK also was carved in the same manner. They wisely choose to use shims and epoxy theirs on. Not traditional, but very tuff. I know, taking it off was a chore.

    I know its not everyones thing, but making your own can be very rewarding. And the other option of course is to have one made. Yes, its spendy. Atleast you KNOW it belongs on your blades nakago.

    If you happen to be following this thread, please here what your customers are asking for. What can you offer us in "hand made" "made to fit" tsuka core's? The smiths working on these blade's are, to me, doing good work. You have some very nice blades. I'm sure talented wood workers are available as well. I hope you see this thread and can come up with alternatives to the current product.

    Good thread. Hope there are some production manufacturers hearing what the customers are asking for.

    Jim, I have been kind of waiting for someone to actually do something this way. I for one would be eager to here how it all turns out. Hopefully some pictures .... ? Good luck.


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    Interesting thread.

    All this production tsukas that is made standard I imagine is very cheap. If the production companies decide to bring their swords to that level as to handmade tsuka to every unique sword that they produce, things will get pricey. Not that price and a ticking bomb are comparable, but what I am trying to say is that it is a reason for the swords now to be so low. And we customers can’t complain about high prices if the production companies decide to do something about it. It is after all because of us that the prices are low. There is a bunch of companies out there, and each on of them compare against each other to win our interest. And price is a big clue. Sadly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Anestasi View Post
    Hi Kevin T,
    Well this is what I want to do but perhaps I will use the "same" but we will see. The groves will be made with a needle file not real deep but they will be angled across the oval sides for a better grip.
    The ana's will have clay inserted in them ,the nakago will be covered Carnuba Wax as an release agent,I'm not sure what type of epoxy we will use as yet.
    As far as wrapping it I might try parachute cord or something else,We will take it one step at a time,I want to be sure it is safe & strong.
    Regards Jim
    Oh, I get it now. I thought you meant the nakago. Speaking of, you should meaure it. I saw a picture with very little taper over the length and looked narrower in the center than either end. you should make sure all the nakago surfaces are true
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    Thumbs down

    Jim, sorry to hear this turned out like this.

    So, is the official final word of the production company in question that if you can't fit even a one-size-fits-all tsuka, you get no (functional) tsuka at all? Dear god...
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