Companion to Medieval Arms and Armour
David Nicolle, ed.

Boydell Press, 2002
ISBN 978051158723

This is a collection of essays on (you guessed it) Medieval European arms and armor. Authors are Jon Coulston, Anne Pedersen, Ewart Oakeshott, Alan Williams, Marco Morin, John Haldon, Tim Dawson, Claude Gaier, Andrea Babuin, Helmut Nickel, Michael Gorelik, Shihab al-Sarraf, and David Nicolle (who also edited the collection). The book is separated into three segments: From Late Rome to Medieval Europe, The Byzantine World and the West, and Europe and Western Asia: Contact and Influence.

I can't do a review of each essay, but suffice to say, the research is all top-shelf. If you are a fan of Medieval technology, this is definitely a must-have. The only criticism I have is that the illustrations are all grouped together after the index, which means flipping to the back of the book in the middle of the essay to see what the author is referencing. Aside from that minor quibble about the format, there's really nothing to complain about. A worthy addition to your library, to be sure.