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Thread: non-standard 1908 handle - pictures

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    non-standard 1908 handle - pictures


    back in July I posted about a 1908 pattern trooper's sword I bought at auction. Its in fairly rough shape, blade with some rust damage, scabbard dented a little, paint gone from both bowl and scabbard etc. (note, no id marks on inside of bowl).
    But what stands out most is the grip. It appears to be roughly turned brass, shaped into a rectangular cross section at bowl end, and round at pommel end. I removed the pommel and it looks like the grip is not solid brass, but rather a "shell" with what appears to be lead poured in place (see scratch mark made with pin). I have attached some pics showing both the blades marks and side and end views of the grip, pommel removed.

    The handle is stuck on there pretty hard, as you would expect with lead poured in it.

    For some reason it makes me think its a mid-east modification (one could be convinced there are traces of khaki paint on bowl), it would make a good story anyway.

    thanks for any comments on this beast,

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    just a thought

    does it have 08 on the spine as as far as i am aware all the ones made for the indian troops didnt have the pat designation on them
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    yes, it has "P 08" on spine. on opposite edge, same approx place it has a stamped dot.

    Marks on scabbard (on edge corresponding to spine of sword):
    I, then a five lobed "star"
    broad arrow
    another small "crown", slightly different than the others



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