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Thread: The diffrence between RYUMON and MASAHIRO(need your help)

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    The diffrence between RYUMON and MASAHIRO(need your help)

    Hi everybody

    I have a simple question to ask you. Simple but I can't answer it.

    What's the difference between Ryumon and Masahiro?

    And which one would you recommend for quality and for cutting?

    Would be thankful to hear your oppinion.

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    The main difference is fittings and polish. Ryumon is better. But that is realitive. Better compared to Masahiro, but not better than most production swords.

    For what your about to spend on a Ryumon($250-$600), I personally would buy a Hanwei or Ronin. Even a shirasaya from Cheness and have it worked.

    Best bet, save your $. Both are simply not worth it and only fill a momentary urge. Trust me, I have a few
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    save up , buy books , hang around SFI

    Hi Franz

    Get some books and chat on SFI for a few months - dont buy anything less than a $300 ronin , oni forge , a PC PPK XL or a cheness 9260 kaze or tenchi .

    pass up the masahiro's and ryumons - really not worth a carrot IMO

    if you buy one of the $300 + swords ive listed you'll recoup some of that money when you wish to trade up to something better ,

    and believe me , You will always want something better !!


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    Thanks for your help

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