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Thread: Paul Chen vs Masahiro Tsuba

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    Paul Chen vs Masahiro Tsuba

    I've been wondering what the difference is between the cast iron tsuba used by Masahiro and those used by PC (Hanwei). Does PC make all of his tsuba and fittings in house, or do they go out into the market and buy them like the factories that make Masahiro do?

    I was looking at a PC Tsunami and an identical Masahiro at a shop this past weekend, and I could not tell any difference in the tsuba. In every other aspect the differences were easy to spot, and there was no mistaking the difference in quality and price.
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    If you look again at the seppa dai of the masahiro tsuba , on either side of the nakago ana - you may notice two very small circular markings - these are the casting sprues ( english moulding term )

    Hanwei tsuba do not have these ,

    also the masahiro tsuba will be cheap pot metal with lots of zinc
    - very nasty ,very nasty - the hanwei tsuba are iron and far higher quality .

    when it comes to filing out the ana of pot metal tsuba its like spreading butter - that easy ,

    Try going at an iron tsuba with a worn needle file - thats mans pain that is

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    Hanwei tsuba may even be machine stamped and more probably mild or mid carbon steel (Hence the problem filing them Mick )
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