As mentioned in the post:

SFi is in the process of restructuring in order to allow micro-communities to grow. We've reached a point in our growth where it is necessary to partition certain interests. The CS&S was birthed in a time when we were more a singular community finding interests among various topics. Now that micro-communities with specific interess are forming and beginning to become more "macro" we are slowly beginning to partition modern swords from antique swords, craftsmanship, metallurgy and bladesmithing interests. We will still remain one website but we will begin to facilitate community categories.

We very much appreciate everyone's participation thus far, especially that of Phil Tom, Scott Rodell and others who have contributed of their knowledge and experience. Up until recently, CS&S evolved to covering three or more categories including antique swords, modern swords and swordsmanship. Part of our restructuring means we're ready to open a new chapter of discussion of these three areas of interests in new forums.

We are consolidating all antique swords discussion in our Antique Arms & Armor section (which eventually will be partitioned into being a community category of its own). In response to requests for an antique-focussed forum, we have launched the CSEA Forum (Chinese, South-East Asia).

Similarly, swordsmanship will be consolidated in Swordsmanship Forums category. Due to overlap with SE Asian & Pacific Sword Arts, the swordsmanship track of CS&S will be merged with that forum and it will be renamed to the CSEAPSA Forum(Chinese, South-East Asian & Pacific Sword Arts).

That leaves modern-made Chinese sword discussions which weren't part of the original CS&S vision. For now, this will be part of the General Discussion Forum (The General Forum is now part of a cateogry called Modern-era Swords and Collecting -- and if it eventually grows into subdivisions of modern Chinese-style swords, modern Japanese-style swords, modern European swords, etc. then we'll take it to the next level.)

As for the C&S forum, there is a wealth of information here by valued moderators and contributors. The CS&S Forum will be placed in a "read-only" mode and moved to an archived area where it can continue to serve as a resource.

For all continuing conversations and discussion, please use one of the three aforementioned forums as possible.

I wish to thank Scott, Phil and everyone for their valuable efforts in bring us to this stage of growth. There are exciting days ahead!