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Thread: For Sale: ATrim/CF Fantasy Medieval Leaf Blade w/ scabbard.

  1. For Sale: ATrim/CF Fantasy Medieval Leaf Blade w/ scabbard.

    This sword, rather the blade was one of THE FIRST FMLBs ever sold. To my knowledge it was THE first one made/sold. It was used for all the pictures back when Museum store was around. It was bought in a raw ATrim form and later sent to Christian Fletcher to be "elvenized". The sword features blued fittings on sword and scabbard with dark blue leather. One thing that is "special" about this sword is that it was sent to Tinker and he semi mirror polished the blade. Most ATrims have a satin brush finish to them, yet this one is a mirror. has NOT been cut with at all since it was polished. Sword is in perfect shape, razor sharp.

    Asking $1300 for a one of a kind sword that was THE BEGINNING of the Leaf blade craze "back then"

    price includes shipping CONUS, outside US pays shipping.

    I accept paypal at buyer accepts fees.

    more pictures on request , for serious buyers

  2. bump for this...
    I have pictures for serious buyers...
    reasonable offers accepted

  3. Quick price drop...........trying to get this moving...

    $1150 takes it....

    buyer pays shipping and paypal of course...

  4. please someone buy this from me...

    make me a reasonable offer

  5. bump


    As In writing this, it is 6:48 PM

    This is 24 HOUR SALE!
    that means by 7:00 PM tommorrow night, this price will no longer apply.

    for 24 hours on the price is dropped to:

    $1,000 USD INCLUDING shipping to Cont 48. ONLY

    As of this moment i will NOT be shipping international at all.

    again $1,000 INCLUDING shipping and paypal fees to

    After 7:00PM tommorrow i will be raising the price of this sword back up to the original $1300.

    heres some pics
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  7. also, i wanted to add that the above 24 hour sale price is ONLY for paypal payers.... no checks, MO, ect for the special price.

    More pics on request, ill try to get some of the mirror polished blade. its really unique and to my knowledge the only FMLB that Tinker has polished like this

  8. Only 4 hours left on this price

  9. The sale time period expired........

    BUT.... ah what the heck, its a holiday...
    Ill let it run a few more hours..
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  10. As of right now 11:30 PM the special sale price has expired.

    sword is still for sale for original $1300

  11. 518 views, iits hard to beleive NO ONE is interested...

    Well, i had a small change of heart. im gonna do something crazy here.... hold on to your seats.

    price is $900 USD shipped CONUS!!!

    i accept paypal at !

  12. Ok here are some pictures.

    some have asked me is this a single hander or a bastard...
    i hope this picture clears that up... defiantly enough room for two hands..

    a Mirror polish is a really hard thing to get a picture of, but i hope this helps, this is one of the major selling points of this sword to me, because you WONT find another ATrim blade finished like this

    These next two are just the money shots.... really makes me second guess selling it..

  13. Bump for the deal of the century...

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    *buys a lottery ticket*
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    Dang you for tempting me with this beauty of a sword!
    I wish I had $1300

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo P. View Post
    Dang you for tempting me with this beauty of a sword!
    I wish I had $1300
    It's 900 now.

    S**t, somebody buy this or I'll do something stupid, and I'm not even into European blades.
    Against ignorance, gods themselves struggle in vain.

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    recently i shelled out 2000 bucks for a lawyer

    I wounder if i can take the lawyer back

    I would curse you David Stokes for tempting me with this, but you are to good a person to curse even when trying to get my 900 emergency money

    consider this a bump

  18. Oh no! its not 1300 anymore!!

    its price is $900 USD shipped CONUS!!!

    itll soon go back up if i dont get some biters...

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Bogdan M. View Post
    It's 900 now.

    S**t, somebody buy this or I'll do something stupid, and I'm not even into European blades.

    do it do it do it do it

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  21. The same weight as every other CF/ATrim FMLB

    the same length as every other CF/ATrim FMLB...

    these are pretty common, or at least used to be and the sizes ect well know lol

    6" handle, bought err... 30" blade or so.... weight? i have no idea....... are we weighing swords still? it doesnt weigh much, its an ATRIM! they are all "light" relativly

  22. Ill give this another day or so, then its off the market

    this price is just simply TOO good to allow to go on forever

  23. NOTE:

    Price of $900 has expired.
    I was needing the money badly, yet was able to sell other items.

    This sword is STILL AVALIBLE, but im returning it to its original price of $1300 buyer pays shipping and paypal fees.

    Thank you for the interest that i received, however i simply cant afford to loose that much money on this sword, at this point. Thank you again.

  24. price is negotiable for interested buyers


    NO trades tho

  25. Giving this one a bump to the top....

    $1,200 shipped CONUS takes it.....

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