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    Blade Closeup

    Here is a closeup of the pattern on the blade.
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    Indeed a crucible steel. Very nice. THis is an old blade not a recent one. The calligraphy is also not recent. Maybe the gilding is. You have a nice sword there.

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    thank you for the information. Any idea of date?

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    The style of this kilij blade is a type that was popular in the 17-18th century. Its a very similar shape as the Eastern European swords of that time, it sort of shows how the influence of the Polish swords were on the Ottomans.

    Hard to say without handling a blade in person what time period its from unless there is something unique. This is because Islamic arms maintained the same shape blade for centuries at times so a combined knowledge of metallurgy, blade style, blade cross section, style of decoration are all needed to assess a blade. This includes color and even smell of steel at times.

    The fullers, engraving, and goldwork appear recent. Keep in mind they have been making and remaking arms and armor for sale to travelers since the 18th century, this is a craft that is stll maintained in Islamic countries. India is probably the most prolific of the modern makers of older style Islamic weapons. Modern Syrian arms makers specialize in Turkish/Ottoman style blades.

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