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Thread: 1050 Mono Steel Katana by Anthony DiCristofano

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest

    1050 Mono Steel Katana by Anthony DiCristofano

    Hi there,

    I have a 1050 Katana made by Anthony DiCristofano and mounted/polished by Brandon Thell. The sword has just been completed by Brandon and is up for sale now.

    As far as I know that Anthony doesn’t work on mono steel blades any more and Brandon doesn’t take polishing commissions from public any more. It will make this kind of swords very hard to get now.

    Here are some specs for the blade:

    Blade length: 29 inches
    Motohaba: 33.5 mm
    Sakihaba: 25.5 mm
    Motokasane: 6mm
    Sakikasane: 4.7 mm
    Tsuka: 10.5 inches
    Chu kissaki

    I ordered the sword in July last year just before I started practicing Iaido. It’s 1 inch too short for me and there is no bo-hi. It’s not good for my kata practice. However I’ll use it for test cuttings if it doesn’t sell here. Please feel free to contact me with additional questions or details at

    The link to the photos:

    I've just dropped the asking price to $5600; which includes shipping worldwide and PayPal fees.



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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Just a quick bump!

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Any offers before end of November?

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    December Bump!

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    I'm still waitting for solid offer. The sword will be sold!


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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    Another bump before Xmas!

    and I wish you all

    Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    I'll accept payment plans if it helps to sell this beautiful sword.


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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    The sword is off eBay now, and back to ISF only.


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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Sorry guys,

    The asking price is $3500 which is including shipping worldwide and PayPal fess. And I accept payment plans as well but no trading.


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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Another quick bump!

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    friendly bump

    Please, someone invest in this sword! For the asking price, it is well worth it. Very beautiful. Good luck with the sale. Wish I had the funds for this one. Cheers, Brian.

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Thanks Brian,

    I don't know with this asking price, why no one is making any solid offer.

    Thanks again!

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    The beautiful sword has just been sold!

    Thanks for all supports!

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    Huan-Huei Hsin Guest
    Hi guys,

    The sales didn't go through. The sword is back on the market for the last time before I remove it from the market.

    Thanks all!


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