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Thread: Resiliance Forge (Non Profit Training Veterans)

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    Resiliance Forge (Non Profit Training Veterans)

    Thought I would share this. One of my friends Nate, who I have studied engraving with is also a US Army Soldier and an avid knife smith. After returning from overseas a while ago he decided to start letting some of his friends share his garage workshop. This lead to others joining in and soon he had quite a group of soldiers and veterans playing with hot steel. After a while he noticed that some who had service related disabilities found pounding out their aggression making tools and knives was therapeutic and thus Resilience Forge has been born.
    If you know anyone in the Ft Belvoir area interested in participating or helping out. The American Bladesmith Society has already started providing materials and support and hopefully this will grow.

    Take a look
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    very cool, Chris! Thanks for the heads-up!

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