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Thread: Dynasty Forge Improved

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    Yes, for this one there is a big geometric change at the yokote. Some pieces you have to feel for the change in geometry, this one's not like that at all.

    I think the ha sits slightly inside the habaki, but I cannot remember if the habaki has a slit for it to rest on, or if it rests on the inside of the habaki. Joe will have to answer that. The ha is definitely set lower than the mune machi.

    Honestly, most of the Paul Chen blades have different shapes than this one, but I did handle the new 47 Ronin not that long ago. (meh..). It's wider than this blad, but along the same lines.

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    Back to the topic of the thread, I think overall, this is the nicest Dynasty Forge blade I've seen yet!!!

    Three questions:

    1) Does "strongly geometric" mean that there is an angle change at the yokote? I know, I know... it's not necessarily a litmus test for "correct" kissaki... and it depends on other factors about the blade shape, but just wondering if this is something we can expect from their products in the future.

    2) How are the machi and fit to the habaki? Are the machi parallel with the ha-machi inside the habaki? Or does the ha-machi kind of just rest on top of the habaki?

    3) In terms of shape and geometry, what Paul Chen/Hanwei model are Dynasty blades closest to?

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