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Thread: latest sword

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    latest sword

    I was going to post this in the Japanese forum, but that is locked, so I'll post it here. I put this up on the BF,too.

    The specs are:
    Tachi/katana, shinogi zukuri, ko-kissaki.
    Blade forged and folded 200+ layers,twisted, then reforged. Mokume hada.
    Steel 1084 and 1095, hardened and tempered to appx. Rc 55.
    Koshirae - 14K yellow gold
    Fuchi and Kashira set with diamonds.
    Tsuka carved from fossil walrus tusk core (tapioca)
    Wrapped in platinum twisted wire.

    Scale 12:1
    Blade .025 thick,.150 wide,2.904 edge, 4.308 OAL ( in inches)
    The habaki is made with a wall thickness of .005".

    The scale puts it at about 51" OAL, edge is 35" ,tsuka 14", .30" thick at the shinogi, and 1.8" high at the machi. This would be a large katana.

    Assembles as normal with a single mekugi (shown before trimming).

    I am starting a saya (scabbard) in ebony that will have a wall thickness of .010".

    Here are some photos:
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    You're a sick man Stacy, great work
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    Very nice Stacy. Now damascus makers will have to try out the new Crucible steel - CruForgeV.
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