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Thread: For Sale: British P1845 Infantry Officer's Levee Sword

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    For Sale: British P1845 Infantry Officer's Levee Sword

    For sale is a British Pattern 1845 Infantry Officer's Levee (Dress) Sword. The 32" blade is etched with the maker's name "J JONES/ 6 / REGENT'S/ LONDON", foliage, and VR cypher for Victoria Regina (Queen Victoria). The blade is slightly crooked and there is evidence that someone tried to sharpen the blade at some point (but not during the swords "working" lifetime). There are several cracks in the brass guard, one of which features an old repair. Guard is loose, grip is sound. Hinged section of guard sound, but teh spring mechanism for holding it in position no longer works. The sword dates to c.1850. The brass scabbard is associated and is likely American (also 19th century). More photos can be seen here.

    $250 shipped in the continental USA. PayPal accepted and preferred (add 3% for fees if using a credit card).

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    Thumbs up Congratulations!

    Hey Jonathan,
    It looks like you are the very first person to post an item in this Antique Classifieds. For some odd reason, there is another one at the bottom of the communities page. Matt posted his sword on that one 45 minutes after you put yours up here. How can this be possible? Even if there are 2 places to access this section, shouldn't there only be only one section? Parallel universes? Yet another cyber mystery...

    Hey All,
    This is a very nice sword for the price. I handled it recently when I bought 2 others from Mr. Hopkins. The blade has a bend to it (easy to re-adjust) but is in excellent condition. While the guard is broken in a couple places, it doesn't effect your gripping it at all. I'd scoop it up myself but I am recently unemployed.
    Good luck Jonathan. At this price, I would guess that somebody that is AWAKE will see what a steal it is and snap it up. Replicas usually cost around this much.

    Ciao, Jon Palombi
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    Due to lack of sleep, I accidentally created a second Antique Classifieds. This post has been moved here, and that forum has been deleted.

    The official location for the Antique Classifieds is in this Antique Arms & Armour Community section.
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    Still available! I will also take money orders or cashier's checks.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Be the most fashionable and eccentric gent or lady at the next levee! Bask is the attention you will garner with this little piquet sword hanging at your side. Be the foppish dandy you've always aspired to be! Buy this sword between now and Sunday (June 29, 2008) at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time and I'll waive the PayPal fee--a $7.50 savings!


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    Can you tell me how much is the shipping fee to Hungary?

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    It would be about $40.00.


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    $200 shipped CONUS.

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    Still for sale.

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