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Thread: For Sale: Broken Shingunto Blade

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    For Sale: Broken Shingunto Blade

    Seems I posted this ad in the wrong place last night...oh well, I'll try again!

    I would like to sell JUST the broken blade, that you see in the pictures.

    I bought this WW2 sword in 2002, from a neighbor and it's been stored in the basement all this time. I'm afraid if I keep the broken blade much longer it will just get in worse shape, so I'd like it to go to a better place where it will be appreciated. Maybe for the serious samurai sword buff who likes to tinker, a small tanto and a wakisashi can be made from the blade parts, who knows. Believe me, I've been tempted to mess with this blade, but fortunately, I didn't get very far with my efforts. The tip is 8" at the break, and the other piece, is 27" in length. Both parts still have very sharp edges, but show the usual wear and tear. No cutting, just display purposes. I once tried to put the 2 parts together (solder), but it didn't hold for long. There's still a bit of solder at the edges where I tried to join them.

    This sword got shot up in the war. There's a bullet hole in the scabbard (where it's taped up) and that's what broke the blade. Anyway, that's what the gentleman that sold me the sword told me. I don't see why I should doubt his story. I believe this is just a run-of-the-mill "factory" blade, not one of those heirlooms or national treasures . It does have markings, which someone here translated for me back in 2002, but I can't find my old notes. BTW, In the pictures, the replacement blade that I have mounted is a 2d gen Paul Chen Practical blade.

    REMEMBER, I'm only selling the broken shingunto blade! How's $125 sound for a broken blade? Let me know. I take Paypal, and I'll cover the fees.

    Addendum: I just found some of my old notes. One side of the tang was translated as:
    showa juhachi nen kyu gatsu = showa 18th year ninth month
    or something like that ;-)
    Plus there's an arsenal shows stamped on
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    PM sent for additional information.

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    Pm sent. I'll take it.
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    Blade is sold. Thank you!


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