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Thread: For Sale Pat 1803 British

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    For Sale Pat 1803 British

    I am looking to sell a British Pattern 1803 officer's sword. All of the pictures I have can bee seen on this thread:

    There are several new pictures at bottom of thread.

    Make me a reasonable offer and we'll talk. I have seen them for as high as $4000, and as low as $1200. This one needs about $300 worth of work, as quoted by Tom Nardi, but then will be in the same condition range as the higher priced swords.

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    Posting some of my pictures here. As I noted on the thread linked from this one, the blade shows some sign that someone at some point took steel wood to the end of it. There are closeups of the light scratches that were left.

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    Check your PM.

    Andre F. Ducote

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    She's a beauty! If I were collecting Napoleonic swords, it'd be on my list pronto. One of the somewhat undervalued British Napoleonic swords, IMHO.


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