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Thread: My current want list

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    My current want list

    After nearly 20 years of collecting, I think I've reached a point where only 10 more swords will make my collection complete (yeah, right). Here's what I would like:

    1. A Sinclair saber/tessack/other name for the same style of sword.
    2. A shotel, with a very deep curve. Fullers, too.
    3. A schiavona. Yeah, everyone wants one.
    4. A US M1860 cutlass. No rush, they show up all the time, I've never bothered to buy one.
    5. A colichemarde bladed smallsword. That might even finish my smallsword collection...
    6. One of the Swiss sawbacked short swords.
    7. Austrian M1858 cutlass. Love that quillback.
    8. A better rapier than the one I've got.
    9. KD89. Once again, just one I've never gotten around to buying. I prefer issued examples over the blued and etched privately purchased ones.
    10. A Scottish basket hilt. You knew it had to be on the list. Funny thing--I once heard a statistic that there are more of these in the US than Scotland...

    OK, so these are just the swords that right now I think are nifty. This list won't keep me from looking for a Fahnentraeger IOD89, a US M1911 experimental saber, or any other interesting swords that find their way to me, but these are the ones that always come back to me as ones I should get around to buying. If you have any and decide to part with them, drop me a line. Maybe we can make a deal.


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    Quote Originally Posted by M. McWatters View Post
    This list won't keep me from looking for a Fahnentraeger IOD89...
    Is there a difference between a regular IOD89 and the Fahnentraeger IOD89? If I understand correctly, Fahnentraeger means "Flag bearer".

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    Yup, it's the flagbearer's version. It's a quillbacked short sword with a leather scabbard. Very hard to come by.

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    is this the type shotel you were looking for?
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    Here's somemore photos
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    Very close

    Very close, and to be nit picky, I'm looking for one with two wide fullers instead of three narrow.

    Thanks, though. A very near miss.

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    I'll be in Etihiopia in a few weeks. I'll keep my eyes out for a nice shotel at the Mercato in Addis.

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    Thanks. I'm looking for one with more curve rather than less, and the two wide fullers. Scabbard would be nice, but not necessary. Any idea what price range they tend to be over there?


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