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Thread: Sword Knots

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    Here is the end of the knot. My files were too big to post all in one post.
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    Your knot is a nice US National Guard identified knot that was issued to a Signal Corps unit. It is nice to find these unit marked knots. This style of leather knot was first issued in black color up until sometime before circa 1902 when they became russet color to match the new brown leather accouterments. Look closely and see if you can see a two or three letter inspector stamp and date on the strap. This will help date the knot exactly. A very nice and relatively scarce knot nowadays.

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    C and JD Wolfe french saber

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Schenk View Post

    - What do you think of the knot on Eric Fairbank's Le Page-style saber shown in the thread

    - Do you believe the style would fit the timeframe of the sword? It looks like it has been with the sword a long time, and seems to fit as if made for it. I'm really not sure of the age of the sword. Most Le Page-style swords are dated to the First Empire timeframe, but I think this one may be a bit later.

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    More photos of knot
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